A Schedule, a Discount, and a Dream Job



Hello there! This has been a crazy week at Watts. The week started off with a big “To Do” List: pick out paint and paint the studio, buy and build the front desk and cubbies, buy and set up the sound system, have lights installed…. etc.

And the good news…? It’s done! Well the lights go in tomorrow morning, but I’m still counting that as checked off in my book. Now it’s time to hammer out the schedule and get ready to roll!



…well technically we will still be on stationary bikes, “stationary” being the operative term here, but you know what I mean.

So I have a few requests:
1) Schedule: Check out this sample schedule. We are currently planning on the cycling classes being 45 minutes (aka 45 Watts) with a 60-minute ride on Saturday mornings (hence 60 Watts). The Short Circuit is a 30-35 minute lunch time ride for those who would like to get a quick, efficient workout in the middle of the day. Yoga classes will be 45-60 minutes and these times will be posted once they are decided (there may be a mix depending on the time of day). It is a work in progress and if you have any questions/suggestions about class times, please complete the survey here if you have not done so already: survey link!

sample schedule 2
2) Discount: Check out our pre-sale! All classes are now on sale for 10% off for a limited time. Use the code “BePowerful2015” at checkout. You can buy them here:
Just click on the link above and go to the online store and select services.

3) Dream Job: Watts is looking for cycling and yoga instructors. If you know any, please send them to our website, Facebook page, give them this email (info@wattsindoorcycling.com), and tell them to come talk to me about our super awesome team.

I’m so excited to finally open our doors and see you all crush some miles and some downward dogs!

Be powerful today!



2 thoughts on “A Schedule, a Discount, and a Dream Job

  1. Mona says:

    Super excited that you are bringing yoga to our building! My friend and I have been looking for a yoga studio we could go to at lunch and this will be perfect, as we work at Harrison (5th floor of your same building). Totally pumped!


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