Member of the Month: Corinne

Here at Watts, our community is really important. We want you to be able to walk in and know the staff AND your fellow riders. Each month we will be featuring a member of the month who killed it in the saddle and is a vital part of making the Watts community what it is. This month’s member of the month is Corinne.

corinne2Corinne emailed me before Watts opened its doors dying for classes to start. She showed up day 1 and has been back many times each week since then. We can always count on her to be right on the beat, pushing the limits and never backing down. I sat down with Corinne to ask her about her background in cycling, why she loves it, and why she keeps coming back to Watts.

Here’s what she said.

Q: How did you get into cycling?
A: A friend. I went to a class with a  friend when I lived in New York and then to another class with another friend. I guess you could say that it’s friends that got me into it.

Q: What kept you going back?
A: I loved having fun while getting in a great workout. They’re always fun, and the music is probably what really keeps me coming back.

Q: Why do you love Watts?
A: I love the community at Watts. It’s awesome that when I walk in, everyone says, “Corinne!”. It has a tight knit, family atmosphere that is really special.

Thanks for being a part of Watts, Corinne. We love having you in class!

To sign up for a class at Watts, please click here. And you can view our schedule here.

Be powerful today! Paige


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