Playlist of the Week: 15.11

Time to let the beat drive your intensity. Sprints, climbs, jumps… let the music tell you what to do.


Playlist of the Week: 15.2

playlist 2So I did a little throwback on this playlist. Jimmy Eat World really takes me back to middle school. Plus I was the middle girl of two boys, so I really felt like this was my song back in the day. My favorite of this week most definitely has to be RedFoo’s Juicy Wiggle, though. I mean seriously. How can you not want to dance during that one?! And that new Andy Grammar song? That one just screams sprint intervals. Let’s be honest… I’m music crushing this cycling playlist hardcore. Crank out those watts to this week’s playlist! See you in the saddle soon!

Be powerful today!


Playlist of the Week: 15.1

This first playlist was pretty therapeutic to put together. I picked some favorites, some classics and found a couple new songs to make sure it had plenty of variety. Fast paced flat roads with sprint intervals and heavy hill climbs make up my first playlist for Watts. Enjoy!

And remember… be powerful today!