Meet the Team: Abby

Watts is so exited to welcome Abby to the team! Check out her bio below and come ride with her on Tuesdays at 6:15 am! Sign up here!

abbyAbby is a lover of all things sweat-inducing. She got started in the fitness industry after completing her 4-yr. degree from University of Illinois in 2003 and has never looked back. She knew sitting behind a desk would suffocate her free spirit and steal her passion. She loves helping people realize that they can, not only reach their goals, but far exceed them. When she’s not kicking butts in spin class you can find her running a mobile personal training business, adventuring with her husband of 10 years, spending time cooking and trying new culinary delights, and giving her life away to some orphans who’ve stolen her heart in Zambia.



Meet the Team: Emily

EmilyIt is with great pleasure, that I get to introduce you all to the newest member of our team. Emily fell in love with teaching fitness classes as a high school senior, jumping in as an aquatics and bootcamp instructor at her local health club before joining the group fitness team at the University of Illinois. While there, she taught a range of classes during her four years of undergrad.  Following a move to Boston, she taught cycling at Boston Sports Club and Harvard Business School’s Shad Hall. Emily is also passionate about public service, and works for a local non-profit organization called Hear Indiana, which empowers and supports Hoosier families with hearing loss.  She is pumped to have the opportunity to teach at Watts and loves to share that excitement with her classes!

Sign up to ride with Emily here!

Meet the Team: Kim Shrack

KimKim is a Mad Dogg certified instructor who recently moved to the Circle City from Philly. For her, spinning was love at first revolution, and she hopes to spread that love to her students. She made the switch from student to instructor in 2013, and has a love of sweating to eclectic playlists. From bluegrass to hip hop to bhangra and everything in between, you’re sure to hear something to get you pumped up! By day, she is a calligrapher and illustrator for Manayunk Calligraphy. When she isn’t cycling or doodling, she is exploring her new city.

Meet the Team: Lauren Hansen

I have been teaching group exercise since 2014 but have been a passionate about fitness all of my life! My favorite way to sweat is as any physical activity in group format, as I love feeding off others’ energy and feeling like a part of a team. Nothing makes for a great workout quite like cheering on each other! Expect my classes to be filled with lots of yelling and cheering.
I am currently working towards my doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Indianapolis, and physical activity is my favorite way to release some stress. When I’m not at the gym, at school, or studying, you will find me with my friends and loved ones, as spending time with others is one of my favorite pastimes. I also love to EAT! Cinnamon powdered donuts are my guilty pleasure. Lastly, I’m passionate about helping others and firmly believe that physical activity is the perfect way to boost one’s mood.
Lauren incorporates a ton of variety with high intensity intervals and some kick ass tunes to her Wednesday 6:30pm class. Sign up for her class here! To stay up to date with any announcements at Watts, sign up for our newsletter, the Power Outage. 

Meet the Team: Anna Mihelich

Anna's PictureI have been teaching group fitness classes for three years, everything from Insanity to bootcamp to group cycling, one of my favorite formats.  I am currently a junior at Butler University where I am part of their Masters of Physician Assistant program and am a native of Plainfield, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.  I am a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, an avid runner, and I love reading and being outside.  My favorite part of cycling classes is the high energy, loud music, and its adaptability to every fitness level.  My favorite food is blueberry pancakes and I will never say no to trying out new restaurants or food!

Anna will be teaching our 5:30pm classes Mondays and Wedesdays when she is not out traveling the world! You can sign up for her classes here!

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Meet the Team: Henry Nuckols

henryHenry has been a spin instructor and avid cyclist for the past 11 years. As a Park Tudor and Purdue grad, his roots are driven deep into Indiana soil, but his mind wanders off from time to time! He enjoys being outside, whether rain or shine, staying fit and being around other positive folk. As an interesting tidbit, he is still just a big kid at heart that enjoys the occasional Sci-Fi/Action movie and has yet to give up on his collection of comics.

Henry’s favorite decadent treat – Klondike bars…What would you do for one?

Come check out Henry’s killer cycling class Mondays at 6:30pm and earn your Klondike bar! Sign up here!

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Meet the Team: Megan Gualandi

Megan Gualandi became a yoga teacher in 2012 in Bethesda, MD.  She trained through CorePower, and has never looked back. She has taught private lessons to a child affected by Autism, and chair yoga to seniors, as well as to teaching a variety of classes to the general population here in the Indianapolis area.

meganquote 2“I became a yoga teacher because I thought it would help me connect with my patients on a deeper level.  Little did I know the teacher training was going to make the connection within myself, yoga has saved my life time and time again.  I want to share yoga, and the knowledge and spirituality the practice has showed me.  A statement by Seane Corn has kept me on track during my daily life, and the trials and tribulations.  She said, ‘Breathe, and everything changes.’  Those words have been incredibly powerful for me.  I hope I can have a similar effect on someone.”

Megan will be teaching yoga at Watts on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:15am. Sign up for her classes here!