Yoga Weekly Intention: Acceptance

In my class you will often hear me tell my students that yoga is learning to accept yourself just as you are, and to appreciate the body that came to your mat today.  This, like many of the things I tell my students, is something I have to remind myself too.

tunnel 2The other night I was taking a class where this mantra came into full effect.  I look over to my left and this girl is twisting herself into a pretzel!  One leg behind the head, the other, and then both!  You’ve got to be kidding me!!  Why can’t I do that?  I still struggle in pigeon.  What is wrong with me?  Am I not yogic enough?  All these questions, emotions, mental abuse come flooding into my mind.  I stop.  Just breathe, everything changes.  What good is coming from this train of thought?  I have to accept myself, and my practice for what it is.  Appreciate the body I do have, and all the amazing things I am able to do with it on a daily basis.

Today I told myself, I am human.  I have strengths, and weaknesses.  Inside all of them is beauty.  I will accept myself, body and mind, and my practice for what it is today, and learn to appreciate the light in all areas.  I hope you too; can find the light inside of yourself.


Yoga Weekly Intention: Patience

Hello powerful friends! Watts is going to be starting a new series of weekly yoga intentions to get us centered and able to dedicate our yoga practices (or personal meditations, or just something to reflect on) to a new intention each week. Yoga instructor Megan will be sharing this intention and reflecting and focusing on it during that week’s yoga classes here at Watts. To start us off, here is our first post on patience:

Patience… a virtue that is not easy.  With daily practice you will begin to train your mind to live in a space of silence/hesitation/stillness/(insert whatever adjective patience means for you).  For me, patience means finding love and appreciation for the current moment.  Letting go of the anticipation of future events, letting go of the frustration of things not going the way I believe they should.  Learning to trust myself, and the universe in that moment.  When we become consumed by wanting more we neglect to see the beauty in the present moment.  If you are always craving more, you’ll find your mind and body unable to relax.

My intention this week, and weeks to follow is to practice patience with myself, my thoughts, my practice, others, and in life in general.  Join me in this intention and find out what adding a bit of patience to your day can make.

Be powerful (and patient) today,