LaurenHansenI have been teaching group exercise since 2014 but have been a passionate about fitness all of my life! My favorite way to sweat is as any physical activity in group format, as I love feeding off others’ energy and feeling like a part of a team. Nothing makes for a great workout quite like cheering on each other! Expect my classes to be filled with lots of yelling and cheering.
I am currently working towards my doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Indianapolis, and physical activity is my favorite way to release some stress. When I’m not at the gym, at school, or studying, you will find me with my friends and loved ones, as spending time with others is one of my favorite pastimes. I also love to EAT! Cinnamon powdered donuts are my guilty pleasure. Lastly, I’m passionate about helping others and firmly believe that physical activity is the perfect way to boost one’s mood.
Lauren incorporates a ton of variety with high intensity intervals and some kick ass tunes to her Wednesday 6:30pm class. Sign up for her class here! To stay up to date with any announcements at Watts, sign up for our newsletter, the Power Outage. 

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